Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cold feet

It's that month of the year and i've already started having butterflies in my stomach. I know I sound like a scared examinee taking the first board exams of her life. But that's the funny feeling I seem to be experiencing from last year. Yes, all because it's Gubs' birthday next week! The desire to give her the best of everything on that day is so overwhelming that it sucks at times. It's stupid. I made the guestlist and the foodlist 2 weeks ago, even though we are keeping it really simple and low key! I'm now fretting about the decorations, the right cake, the paper plates, spoons, the return gifts and all the little things that go in to make the D-day special. Neil, of course, is just the opposite...calm and cool and maintaining, there's still lots of time to get things in place. Gaaaaaawwwwd! Men~!
Can't believe Gubs is turning two already! A terror in her own rights, she's seems to be growing up quite independently. She's already quite a social butterfly (ok, ok I know where she's got that from, shut up you chuckling people!), much to the dislike of children her age and older. Sometimes, it's embarrassing the way she goes across to hug any child she sees at the shopping malls, parlours, restaurants, parks or wherever she ends up with us; especially coz most children her age like clinging on to their Moms and are quite reticent to any kind of physicality!! Of course, she couldn't care less, unless physically abused by the other party!
And she's quite a stubborn mule. She keeps trying till she can at least get a word or a babble out of the other kid! Am quite impressed, must say! Have to wait and see how she behaves on D-day. Another big reason for my cold feet.

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Phoenix has risen

I never knew the IT industry pays to kill. Well, at least, not till I moved back to Bangalore this time and took the irreversible decision to jump out of the Devil's bed (read newspaper house) into this deep sea. The Temptress (read Goddess Lakshmi) sure has mastered the art and the IT industry has been her chosen one. All she does is uses bombastic 6-8 digit figures that translate into the most favoured three -letter word --CTC. That's all we need to hear...then there's a scamper, a stampede for the best paying company and the world (read Bangalore) beneath their feet is a happy place to live in.
Money's floating in the air you breathe in and exhale. Everyone here is a beerdrinking bindaassss Midas. So God(dess) help you if you r a teetotaller, money-can't-buy-me-love sorts like my dear hubby! Everything's on "sale" here, boss.
In a nutshell, I, I who hate Calcutta and thought I'd found my home and calling here in beautiful Bangalore a good 8 years ago, am seriously having, not second, but multiple thoughts now. The air (yes, the reek of money is nauseating at times), vehicular, as well as social pollution -- thanks to some 4 lakh bangalis who've invaded this state, for better or for worse -- together paint a gory mercenary picture of this once garden city.I, for one, just managed to rise from the dying embers of a project, to try and see if I can still write a line of simple English...God bless the language...