Friday, September 29, 2006

Do Not Disturb

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new found status of a superwoman. So, I’d appreciate if you don’t come looking for a new post here, every once in a while. Writing posts, sadly, isn’t part of my joblist, nor can I wangle time out to write one for your reading pleasure.

However, if anybody needs tips on housekeeping, cooking, taking care of a three-year old (and that includes feeding, changing clothes, cleaning poo, doing jigsaws, practising writing numbers and alphabets, reading stories) and managing a full time job, look no further.

I shall be happy to dole out free advice. Come be my guest, till I post again.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Secrets. We thrive on them. Nothing makes us lonelier than our closely guarded ones. Sometimes there’s more fear than delight in them. But the sinful pleasures of a secret are rather delectable. So we all have some to give us company in our various moods.

As kids, the excitement of sharing the silliest of secrets far superceded our wisdom to lock it up in the chest and lose the key. The Secret Seven series added gallons of fuel to the untamable fire. And we used to have our “secret” meetings in attics or on terrace tops, which sometimes entailed dangerous trekking. But our fluttering hearts then knew no fear. The “secret” plans hatched for no intimidating purpose, were rarely ever implemented, because it was the process that mattered, not the outcome.

In our adolescence, the secrets became a tad graver as we learnt to distinguish between the silly and not so silly things in life. Accordingly, we chose to share or not to share them with our buddies. Of course, the “best friend” knew of them all. Secrets were usually about the dudes we were eyeing, or secretly wished to date (Of course I didn’t know a thing about it then!) and such like. The first boyfriend was a well-guarded secret from parents. The clandestine meetings held, romantic billets exchanged and sundry phoney-calls were secrets only close buddies knew of.

As social dynamics change and age catches up with us, I realize we have more secrets to keep rather than to tell or share. Some our own, some shared with us for safekeeping.

Within a given social circle again, there are grades of secrecy. Some are family secrets, best kept away from prying neighbours and snoopy extended family members; a slip of tongue and you’ve had it. There are other secrets that are shared for the sole purpose of it spreading like wild fire which n. no of fire engines cannot douse. (To hell with the world!)

Then of course, there are those that must necessarily be kept from the spouse. And please don’t jump at me with lectures on honesty in relationships and whathaveyou. Go, Look into any man's heart you please, and you will always find, in every one, at least one black spot which he has to keep concealed- Henrik Ibsen. You do ogle at a goodlooking hulk or a hot chick when travelling, walking, jogging or at the gym and now you even have your virtual toyboys/sugar daddies (thanks Lali). At times, for a fleeting moment, certain sinful desires do flit across your mind. It’s only human. You don’t have to go and talk about it. Some things are best not told to the significant other. Hence, they too qualify as “secrets”. I’m only promoting peace, if you get my drift. If you have to share it, come tell me, you'll feel far lighter;)

Personally, I’m the most generous person on earth and a good samaritan. Therefore, I believe in sharing my wealth, be it intangible stuff like information or tangible goods such as my money, rather than keeping them. Besides, as the great Mr Shaw said, The only secrets are the secrets that keep themselves. So why to take tension only?