Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Like I said the last time round, I'm still a novice, not to mention a whole load lazy too. So it's taking me some time to become a regular at the blogger' s spot.
It was one of the laziest weekends I've sent in B'lore in along time. Took my Dad for an "English" breakfast at Peco's, Banglore's oldest and most chilled out pub...but he ended up eating Appam and chicken stew...simply awesome. Of course Neil (my one and only awesome hubby) and I stuck to our prudish selves and ate the English variety of brown bread, sunnyside up, mashed potato, cocktail sausages and bacon. All of us refrained from the beer..Neil's a teetotaller, Dad just had a bypass and I hate beer...the only form of alcohol that sucks!

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Novice

First things first...let me dedicate this blog to 2 people who owe it...Urmi and Goti. Guys wish we could all get together and raise a toast to this...but for obvious incapabilities, lets keep it virtual for the moment. Cheers to the novice blogger then!
Goti of course asked me create a blog aeons ago, which I promptly ignored..not in the least to hurt him...but just coz it meant a lot of work for me!
As for Urmi...well I just had to comment on her blogs and I found out I couldn't do so unless I was a blogger...That did it. And Voila! here I am, finally a blogger, albeit a novice one.
I have never been intimidated by technology, but always get the jitters when I am asked to try out something new using it. And my worst fears just came true...I lost all that I wrote here..so this one's a rewrite..something I hate doing! The otherreason whyI kept putting off being a blogger...was of this whole thing about writing. Despite being a journo at heart, in mind & soul, and in reality too....I gave up writing a couple of years ago..all forms of it, except of course the sms and emails..which have a weird language of their own. To start writing something more sensible again..was like starting afresh..being a novice.
Thanks to my friends, I'm back at it , this time as a blogger...albeit a novice one.