Thursday, February 14, 2008

V'day starts early

Last Sunday we spent a fking bomb and went for this Mickey Mouse magic show with an ex-colleague of N's( quite a bomb herself) and her son. The cherub, Chrish ("My name is Chrish, with a C," he insists), all of 6 years, and G hit it off at first sight like long lost loves; clinging on to each other like nothing's business. After the show, and a cute photo session, we decided to go and have pizza at Pizza Hut and hang around for a while. The kids had to be taken to the restroom first which we mothers dutifully did, and sent them off to refresh ourselves a bit. From the loo I could hear Gubs wailing at the top of her voice and was feeling most embarrassed. So I rushed and asked her "What's the matter, Dahling?" Still wailing, she replied: "I want to sit with Chrish alone, far away from the parents"!!!


XXX Rated

3 unscrupulous women
3x pegs of vodka
3x the voices & vices
XXX rated revelations
3x excited gesticulations

1 broken glass.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dead woman rising

Dear Life,

Fascinated as I am by your irrepressible energy and innovative means of meting out surprises, must admit, sometimes you do bog me down. The last few months have borne witness to the myriad “situations” (largely sticky) I have been thrown into and the flurry of emotions I have fought, overcome or given in to. And every time I thought it was over and done with, there was a brand new set (or a modified version of an existing one) to deal with.

You give and you take.

You love and you hate.

You tide and you ebb.

You kill and you save.

You have your balance sheet to match, I understand, but at what and whose cost?

So, just for the record, your surprises don’t surprise me anymore. Your curses don’t bother me anymore. Your blessings don’t touch me anymore. For:

Like a bird on the wire,

Like a drunk in an old midnight choir

I have tried in my way to be free.