Thursday, February 14, 2008

V'day starts early

Last Sunday we spent a fking bomb and went for this Mickey Mouse magic show with an ex-colleague of N's( quite a bomb herself) and her son. The cherub, Chrish ("My name is Chrish, with a C," he insists), all of 6 years, and G hit it off at first sight like long lost loves; clinging on to each other like nothing's business. After the show, and a cute photo session, we decided to go and have pizza at Pizza Hut and hang around for a while. The kids had to be taken to the restroom first which we mothers dutifully did, and sent them off to refresh ourselves a bit. From the loo I could hear Gubs wailing at the top of her voice and was feeling most embarrassed. So I rushed and asked her "What's the matter, Dahling?" Still wailing, she replied: "I want to sit with Chrish alone, far away from the parents"!!!



Fishy! said...

Haha, sounds like Charvi's in love! :P

Rimi said...

That child of yours, Priya, is going to be a most interesting young woman some day.

And that's all I'm saying ;-)

Priya said...

Tuna: Naaaah not just yet ;) Just that she has a mind of her own.
Rimi: Why, thank you. Hope you have a good foresight, though.

panu said...


btw, this v'day some random boy sent a love letter to my sister.

I spent an afternoon trying to trace the sonofawhatsit.

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