Friday, September 29, 2006

Do Not Disturb

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new found status of a superwoman. So, I’d appreciate if you don’t come looking for a new post here, every once in a while. Writing posts, sadly, isn’t part of my joblist, nor can I wangle time out to write one for your reading pleasure.

However, if anybody needs tips on housekeeping, cooking, taking care of a three-year old (and that includes feeding, changing clothes, cleaning poo, doing jigsaws, practising writing numbers and alphabets, reading stories) and managing a full time job, look no further.

I shall be happy to dole out free advice. Come be my guest, till I post again.


Möbius said...

hey! i had read in some post of your about the great difficulty you had had with your little one's school.
The time has come for me now - I need to go to a school (NPS) ang get the forms. How bad is it really to get those forms? Do I really need to go there at something like 6 in the morning?

Vikas said...

address please ;)

Urmea said...

Ei je Superwoman - why don't you use your newfound superheroine status to fly down here :D? Oh and Gayle's visiting next week - just by way of more incentive!!

M (tread softly upon) said...

Shubho Bijoya!

Priya said...

Mobius: NPS? The kid'll suffocate dude. It's the saddest school you could fix your gaze upon. Why aren't u considering Bisho's? Far well rounded as a school or even FAP's in Cambridge layout. ANd what are saying 6in the morning? The queue starts teh previous evening, my dear friend. So pack your rucksack and hit the road :P

Vikas: Look around you, it's right there;)

Urmea: Thanks for teh invite. May I have the tickets please? ;)

Lalita Mukherjea said...

Hey, I didn't even check your blog for a new post in the last fortnight. Now I see a DND. Hmm.
Do tell us about being Superwoman. That will make a nice post.

Möbius said...

Well, at this time we are not leaving any option. Bisho's is definitely at the top of our list. But they don't start giving out forms until next year.
We went to have a look at the school building and thought "where is the ground?!" - it definitely seems like a very "books" oriented school. But this was the first one to give out forms - or so they claimed! I went and stood there at 6:30 and at 8, when the line was up to the main road, a teacher comes out and says "we are not giving the forms today!!"
Haven't heard much about FAP. Do you have any pointers on that?

Priya said...

Mobius: Gie yr mail id, will mail u all about schools. been there, done that ;)

Möbius said...


Thanks! Appreciate your help!!