Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Sevener

Ok Urmea, since I saw u have already penned down alot of things I plan on doing as well, I had to wrack my brains to find some others.The Kerala trip and Joyce (me stuck exactly somewhere arnd that page, too) were the most uncanniest "to do" things in common. Here goes my list.

Plan on doing

1. Learn Salsa
2. Go on long drives
3. Read at least 2 books a month (considering now it's down to zero)
4. Pamper myself more often at the parlour
5. Sleep till at least 9 am on holidays
6. Learn to cook some great moghlai and thai dishes
7. Spend more time with Madame G and teach her to speak " propah" English

Can't Do

1. Go to Cal anymore for hurricane holidays
2. Bake a decent cake
3. Keep my cool with G & N always
4. Sleep late
5. Change N's Cal fetish
6. Eat dal for every meal
7. Listen to U gushing excitedly abt her hectic social life, without feeling jealous;)

Say a lot

1. Gandu
2. WTF/FC (since it's very "unwomanly", am refraining from the expanded versions)
3. Mamma...Don't(what with G always doing just the things she's not supposed to)
4. Hi wassup?
5. Chole aaay(This one's esp for R and I know she hates me for it;) )
6. Oh pleeeez
7. Oshojjjhyo (with extra emphasis on the j)

Since no one reads my blog really and, as u can c, neither do I have plans to write more regularly, won't bother tagging anyone. But just in case you drop in, just consider tagged!


Urmea said...

WTF, shaala gandu :)

Priya said...

Thot I shd b telling u that,FC;-). Ok, now let's not make my blog the slanging match arena, pleeeez;-) Better b there, when I'm back on Monday, noile...

M (tread softly upon) said...

"Since no one reads my blog really" I think there are more people who do read your blog than you can imagine Priya :)

"neither do I have plans to write more regularly" Why not? I wish you would.

"just consider tagged" I have to decline the tag because.....just because :)))


Gandu...ooh man. I do read your blog regularly and still am not considering myself tagged. And it bothers me---that I rarely get tagged---noone tagged me for the 55 word thingie and neither for this.....

Urmea said...

Arnab, consider yourself tagged - let me go update my post!!! You are considered too famous to (ahem) tag :)

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Ami famous ! Eita bawali hocche naki !!!

Thanks for I feel much loved.

Priya said...

Thanks all of you for dropping by and making me feel (*sniff*)so wanted, sorry read. May be now I'll be inspired to write more regularly, just for you guys. Thanks again.

Möbius said...

Did you really say "Gandu ..." heh heh ... reminds me of a very funny story that happened in my college (ISI, Kolkata)

And I am sure you don't need any more affirmation that people DO read your blog - keep blogging

Priya said...

@mobius- thanks for dropping by and, more importantly, reading my blog. But what is this teaser line you've left? Please be to sheare the phunny shtory, pleeeze.

Möbius said...

Well, I am not sure whether you will find it funny, but I (we all) did find it extremely hillarious

It was our 3rd year @ ISI and the freshers came in. Respecting the tradition, we set out to orient these freshers. Yes, it was orientation and not ragging and discovered that one of them was a masterpiece - he was truly "above all". The level he was at is all summarized in one of his many remarks and that is "... Jaangiya!!! Sheta abaar ki jinish??!! ..." That guy didn't know what a "jaangiya" is. Anyway, getting back to the incident. On the "fresher's welcome" evening (which happens after a month of these phachas coming to the campus) when his turn came to appear on stage, he proceeded with total indifference and sat on the chair that was set in the middle of the podium. There were some 'smart alec' type questions thrown at him and he just gaped with open mouth. Then came a benign question "What do you think of yourself as". At this point he gets up, walks slowly to the board and writes 5 letters N , U , D , A & G and says "it is a permutation of these". In front of the whole faculty, he had spelt out an anagram of Gandu!!!
He was, of course, later called as "Nudag" for the rest of his stay at ISI.

(And this has been my longest comment ever!!)

Priya said...

ROTFL. Some "orientations" can really be fun, I c. And now, my turn to pick, it is,"...later called Nudag..." or known as . It's a very common grammatical error and not a "freedom of expression"!

Möbius said...

Hmmm... "tit for tat" (of I love using this expression, and you know why)

Vaga Bond said...

Hi! Would it not be lovely to meet "Mark's" Uganda friend. :-)

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