Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bongo Bodhu

Amazed at myself. The "other" parents are here and I'm at my incorrigible best. (I don't like the word in-laws for its menacingly wicked connotation. After all the horror stories I hear from friends and family about the lot, I consider mine demi-gods).
Cooked fulkopir dalna and kassa mangsho last night and scored some brownie points on the very first day. ( Bapi is the quintessential Bangal with very sharp taste buds and very little appreciation for anything good. So, when he compliments my cooking, especially kassa mangsho, I consider it an Oscar. Pat pat pat on my back) This morning I abandoned the bed by 7.30, made tea (one just liquor, the other with milk), served them with biscuits and while they sipped on the hopefully well made tea(no effusive appreciation, so just assuming), I packed N's and my lunch of left over mutton and rice.
Hold your breath. Then I decided to cook at least one course for the lunch I won't be there for. So Mochar ghonto it was! Did take some tips from Mamoni, but that was just to make her feel good;) Some tricks of the trade.
Before leaving for work, ensured a fairly decent breakfast of toast, omlette, milk and bananas was ready to be served.
The quintessential Indian bouma! Let me enjoy while this lasts!
Anyone needs expert advice? You know where to reach me.

PS: I forgot to mention that in between all this, I even ironed N's shirt, which he wanted to carry to office (and change into before a new business pitch later today) and ensured G brushed her teeth before nibbling on food.


Rohini said...

Wow! A supermom and a super daughter-in-law. *slinks away with head hung in shame and skin haing turned somewhat green with envy*

M (tread softly upon) said...

Good Lord! You are some wonder woman, aren't you? Mochar ghonto in the morning before leaving for work!!! na aamar aar jeebone kichhu holo na :(
Keep going at this pace and you will win an oscar or some other trophy for sure!

Priya said...

Rohini, Thanks for dropping by. And please, don't feel ashamed, tis is just a one off case when the "other" parents are here. Rest of the year, I'm just a bindaas babe, couldn't care less about who ate what:P!
M: As I said, jibone bochhore ekbaar kori toh tai dhak dhol, badyi pitiye ektu boli:) As for trophies, got my share, now it's G's turn!

The Marauder's Map said...

Ha ha, I can see where this will go. I also go off to a flying start, showing off how efficient I am and all that, and slowly enthu diminishes till mom in law has reins firmly in her capable hands and I am content to curl up with a book and ocassionally boil the water.

The whole situation is so bloody delicate -- you don't want to be thought a lazy bum, but at the same time don't want to come across as ultra possessive about your home and hearth. I mostly choose to be lazy bum after the first couple of days :D

Priya said...

Today I woke up, read the shit rag, got ready, had my little breakfast and happily left for work. So, now you know just how long I can sustain the goodness;)

Sens said...

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