Monday, November 06, 2006

I have company

I have just too many things craving for my attention; too many ideas dying to be shaped into something remotely readable and too many people seeking my company. And here I am just not knowing how to handle such celebrity status vonly. First, I try to prioritise my work, then the people I want to give company to and finally try sorting out the ideas. The work, has to be done, there isn't an option there. The better half and best quarter must be given ample quality time, so the ideas can play "Me first" and chew my brain till I find some time for them.
For now, of course, all eyes are on the newest member of my extended family. My good friend R gave birth to this bonny 3.8 kg dude on Nov 2. A cherub he is, with swollen pink cheeks, a saintly smile and chinky eyes. A mini monk now, till the tail grows ;) In the meantime, a raging debate has ensued in the confines of the hospital room on who he resembles - "the lower half of the face is like R's Mom, the upper half like S" was one line of thought. The other authoritative line was "looks just like S" (including the height. S is a six footer and the baby's really tall,too) And amidst all the argument and counter-argument, our man sleeps peacefully without a care in the world. He might as well finish his quota now, before the world descends upon him.

G's most excited about R'baby (the whole family's identity revolves around my friend R- R'mashi, R'kaku, R'mamma and so on). She of course wanted a baby girl, so her initial reaction was " Naaa, it's a baby girl!" and she insisted on referring to R'baby as "she". After some patient explaining, she agreed to accept 'him' and play with trains and cars with him and initiate him into the world of SPD, Pokemon and Spiderman. She was busy choosing gifts for the baby at the toy shop the other day - dinosaurs, rattles and such like. Now we must visit R baby everyday to monitor his daily progress. The most delightful part of my daily routine, the only one i really look forward to, apart from meeting G after a painful and gruelling 11 hours, everyday.

R'baby hasn't yet been christened. But he was born in the wee hours of the "Don". Like it or not R, I did warn you, if it's Nov 2nd, it just has to be... the one and only... Bad Shah! (evil grin)


M (tread softly upon) said...

Is this the same R who had long hair? Congartulations to her!

Sandeepa said...

awwwwwwwww... so cute
I have a almost 3 year old and I can so much relate to G. Since here she doesn't really have a lot of family around when asked to draw "My Family" she insists in including all our friends and their little ones :)

Priya said...

M: yes yes yes..the same one. Will pass it on, thanks a ton.
Sandeepa: Shoo cuute. But almost three, and she can draw all that? Artist in the making? We of course don't allow much painting around the house, because G insists on larger canvases like the freshly painted white walls!!

Lalita Mukherjea said...

Oh, you are prolific now. Two posts in ten days.

My congratulations to the mother. Blessings to the baby.

Sandeepa said...

don't worry she is a MF Hussain in the making :), she draws a smallish line at the corner of a white page and claims tha's mommy, one more line is for baba & so on, sometimes a single line can denote multiple persons also
Get those washable crayons