Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sorting out

Excuse me while I figure out my life.

I realised in the interim that less than a year's blogging has given me more friends than I could've found in a lifetime.

Heartfelt thanks to each one of you who has been around in some way or another.


Sandeepa said...

what happened to the lime green template ?

Möbius said...

@Sandeepa: She decided on a better color :)

Priya said...

Definition of uncanny:
You and I are both journalists named Priya, but you in India and I am in South Africa

panu said...

erm, you know na, that once you figure out your life its basically not worth living.... really.

Priya said...

Panu: Did you have to rub that in? Really?

Priya: Welcome to my parlour, namesake ;) Keep visiting.
Mobius: Genius!

Sandeepa: Now for my version of the story : template colour changes to reflect my mood. :)