Saturday, April 14, 2007

20 minutes

Walking down alone, along the deserted pavement by a busy roadside at 6pm.

The clickety click of the three-inch heels; kicking up a little dust with every step. Licking on my favourite Kwality Walls Orange stick icecream; humming “It’s my life” and feeling the gentle evening breeze softly caress my tired face.

Never knew a walk back from office to home could be this blissful.

I love my evening walks these days. I have 20 minutes all to myself. To walk the way I want. Eat what I want. Let my thoughts wander where they want. Weave my dreams out of incoherent thoughts. It’s my space, all mine. It’s my life.


Sue said...

The nice evening weather helps. These days, the slight breeze that springs up before sunset makes walking a pleasure.

Priya said...

thanks for dropping by Sue. Nice to know people still come here ;)

M (tread softly upon) said...

Most offended :((
People would if you'd write :)