Thursday, August 11, 2005


Learnings of the day:
  1. Talk, think, learn, demonstrate (TTLD)
  2. Be an Opportunist
  3. Share a vision, no matter how myopic it is
  4. I'll Skipe you (Heelloo?? Is this English?)
  5. Most importantly: listen to gyan with a straightface .

I am a born leader. And thankfully, my school recognised my leadership skills early and always assigned me portfolios suiting me. So from class captain, to house captain to prefect in charge...the ascent had been quite smooth sailing. And the job responsibility of course was mainly, give others Gyan, at the highest decibel allowed. Ranging from: Don't talk (loudly) when the teacher's absent or between period breaks, walk in single file to PT class ( Yippeee no more boring maths classwork) to "Ok pals, get your butts moving on the posters..buck buck up..." to "Why haven't you cleaned your shoes know your house will lose points..." blah blah blah...And of course I was the most (in)famous and (un) popular leader of wo(e)mankind!

Till, of course, I got down to the brasstacks of the corporate world (That I sold my loyalties for peanuts to the media industry is another story altogether) . For the first time, I was led by others (myopic, look-no-further-than-the-phone journos). And I followed, tamely at that. Ever since, have only been listening...the voice, the decibel levels, no wonder, are a trifle choked now. Only rarely have I even attempted to make some noise. Ahem...ahem...made myself heard. So now when I try, it's either muffled or misplaced.

"Don't talk... just listen. I'm telling you to spike that story." Spike, right? spike, S.K.I.P.E. Did I hear right? Huh... damn my ADD... When will I ever learn??

What the hell is Skipe now?

PS: All ye mortals in Skipeland..can you please enlighten me?


Urmea said...

Maybe skype? See - otherwise I have no idea!!! Make them email you.. LOL

memorykeeper said...

It probably is [Skype]. This is one piece of software that has really taken the world 'internet' calls, over. This allows PC to PC free calls between Skype software users, wherever they may be located. USA to India? Not a problem. India to Timbuktoo? Sure. Provided, ofcourse, there is electricity in Timbuktoo and should there be that, then a PC and that being there an internet connection! (Couldn't resist the ramble there, maafi please)

Priya said...

Thanks both of you. I stand corrected and bheri bheri enlightened.;)

memorykeeper said...

Just one more blow at my own trumpet, to add to your enlightenment.
Out in the west, I believe, the term is Sky P E, and not Skipe!
My do paisa value


Skipe is an Aussie saying "Escape"

Priya said...

Thanks all of you for your do paisa values. See y I love the blogsphere? it's where I learn more than what I've learnt in all these years. Long live blogsphere.

Jay said...
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VM New said...
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Hubert said...

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memorykeeper said...

jeepers! spam has invaded the comments within a blog now??? spam is one persistent, omnipresent, ubiquitous creature!!

tinytim said...

i feigned silence thru two meetings last week, enjoyed it very much. I kept winking eyes and ears and counting words. In one meeting a totalo of 270 words per minute were being talked.

its like charlie chaplin looking at how audience reacts to his movies...