Wednesday, August 03, 2005

whiff of dementia

Leaving my cracked footprints on the coarse sands of time.
I close my eyes and lean forward
So the sprinting breeze can soothe those bruised cheeks.
A splash of red bloodies the ocular screen
Like the vermillioned parting of a new bride,
The battered brains of a suicidal moron.

With due apologies, these are just random thoughts of a completely demented mind!


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ms. Editor, 'coArse sands', surely?
Very vivid. Just short of vivisection, if one may say so!

And I live in Calcutta. I like Bangalore when I visit, though it seems to lose some charm every year.


Priya said...

tks again...just proves how demented I really am...

Priya said...

Oh abt Bangalore, precisely, if u r a visitor u may still like it, tho' it's surely losing its charm y the minute now, not years. But even then I wouldn't reconsider Calcutta. And sorry, just decided not to post about it...coz all the reasons for disliking Cal are intensely personal.

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So what does the "bilaaa" (ref your comment on my blog) stand for?

Priya said...

It just means havoc!!