Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Really Touched

Can't say I'm eagerly looking forward to the New Year. Primarily because I am faced with the harsh reality that it' s time for my baby doll to graduate to school already. And even before she can start going to one, it's trying and testing times for both N and me. (*shudder in fear*) Hang on a minute, more for me than for N, considering his supreme dodging skills.
The first school to distribute forms in the new year is the one I really want G to go to. For two reasons - first and most important: Despite its reputation as a premier school, the interviewers don't brazenly ask for a hefty donation to extend the school complex(at least that's what I last heard) or build a state-of-the-art-indoor sports auditorium etc etc. Second, it's not too far from home (she'll be just three, can't send her off on a bumpy tour of potholed Bangalore, yet!).
And you know how it feels when you really ever want something in life? Dunno about others, but I can feel the pangs of fear, of insecurity; I can feel those butterflies fluttering in my stomach and I am totally disoriented at the thought of having to go and stand in a queue from the night before. And more so, ever since I realised the date coincides with N's impending trip to Cal that very weekend to be with his beloved NRI sister. He could've postponed or preponed it, had we owned a private Jet. But since he has to rely on Jet Airways, ATM, and adjust with his busy new-business-pitch schedule, I really can't blame him.
But, the moment I voice my concerns, very matter-of-factly to R and a surprise caller, the Bagchi, they are both only too keen to pitch in. I mean not everyone would be forthcoming to sacrifice their precious weekend sleep to stand in the queue for/with a nail-biting, hypertensive woman, irrespective of whether she's a friend or an acquaintance. I mean after all, it's my baby, her impending careerIn a strange land, full of strange people, with strange demands, I 'm really touched by their offer. Call it parochial Bong bonding, call it the warmth and the greatness only Bengalis are capable of, call it pati Bangali sentu on my me names...but once again it's Q.E.D. that friends make a world of difference, no matter which part of the universe you are in. It's not just what they do but what they do differently that really makes the difference.
The independent, egoistic, no-obligations bitch that I am, I'll probably spend the night on the road with 500 other weary-eyed eager parents, but a special thanks to both of you for just being there. Feeling very lucky today.
Looks like I have a way with people, huh(*wink, wink*)?


Möbius said...

Glad to know that you have "real" friends - not the ones that are there just for partying.

Also, I have noted that while you blog, you maintain a veil of anonymity around the more personal things. Like N, G, R ... and the school that you really want G to go to. Interesting!

We (me and my wife) are not yet there when we have to stand in the queue all through the night to get our little one into a good school, but have already started getting the jitters. The kind of stories that one hears are horrid!! Well, we will cross the bridge, when we get there

Priya said...

Mobius: We do party as well with the "real" friends, but they are very "homely" ones and they rock! Enjoy while u can and my best wishes when u do get there;)

Möbius said...

Yeah we do party with the "real" friends and they do rock like anything.

What I said was not a necessary and sufficient condition.
What I meant was that the non-"real" friends are there just for the frivolous things and they are around till everything is nice, but they vanish the moment one is in trouble or in some kind of need. The "real" friends, on the other hand (don't ask which one), are there for the party as well as standing in the Q.

Thanks!!! (for your wishes)

Urmea said...

Happy new year love :)

M (tread softly upon) said...

This queue thing is just to pick up the forms??? Gosh....I wish you luck. Did you get the form? And I'm glad you have people you can count on when it matters the most.
Happy new year!

Anil The Great said...

Hi Priya :

I cant believe , people have to stand in the queue in the night. Luckily its bangalore, if it was Delhi , then before some children could get admission to the dream school of their parents , they would have become orphan(God forbid !!)

Why is all this system of line? Get the forms online, fill it online or send by post and then just wait for the call or apology letter. Why make so much fuss about admission . Even for procuring the CAT form you dont have to do that much of hardwork.

Is it that the admissions are done on FCFS basis? If thats the case then I can understand the nightouts for the sake of a child's future. Though thats a different thing that a child will never remember the pain his/her parents took to get such a trivial task of admitting them to school could be so tough and nerve-breaking. I have a neice who is also going to start her school soon. I pray for my brother and bhabhi that they dont face the trauma as you are about to face.

Here's wishing you all the best for your child's future and happy standing in the queue :-)


M (tread softly upon) said...

post koi?