Monday, January 16, 2006

The story so far

Ok, so it's two weeks into a new year and I haven't posted. Can't really think of a convincing-enough lame excuse for that. So, how about mainting a low profile as familiarity breeds contempt;). But, if you're really dying to know what I've been up to, here's an update.
For starters, I've been very excited about our magazine undergoing a makeover. An NID passout who's redesigned Graphiti(I love, adore, admire it, for reasons I'll soon enumerate) to give its present form, is now with us. And we both sat together and brainstormed on the redesigning to come up with some exciting stuff. He's a coool dude with great ideas, must admit. So yes, this has kept me on my head and toes, quite literally.
We've also launched the e-newsletter which again demanded my undivided attention (ok, apart from JAP and Urmi;)). That it hasn't yet gone out to our readers/subscribers is of course, another story...all thanks to technical snags.
And the most anticipated story of them all...I did pick up the admission form for G. N's designated tout diligently stood in the queue from the night before and that gave me one helluva advantage to be among the first 100 of the estimated 4000 odd who turned up. TOI had a photo of the nightriders. I missed this once in a lifetime Page 3 opportunity, as the newsletter craved for my attention back at work (how boring).
But guess what? I made up for the loss by being featured in Sunday's Graphiti, all thanks to the Bagchi . Now I have a claim to fame - as the Non-star blogger. (I haven't had a chance to see the article yet, though;))
Fame, that too, for being in the blogsphere, sharing space with all time greats such as the GreatBong, JAP,Jabberwock et al. That's cause enough for me to celebrate (Yippeee, Dippeee, dooooo). Star or no, I don't care.
A true rags to riches story ;) Photos anyone? The papparazzi, where's the papparazzi??


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Oy - less of the heavy sarcasm, OK?
Besides, Jabberwock was mentioned, but neither Arnab nor I. So there!


Urmea said...

Oh very nice - in all your double-barreled nomenclatural glory no less :) Yay I have a famous friend!

the still dancer said...

double-barreled? quadruple-barelled you mean :D.
But to repeat above exultations,
brava to the venerable beldame and all that.
*runs away rather fast to avert rather lethal looking projectiles being...err..projected in one's general direction*

M (tread softly upon) said...

Good for you and G!
Where can I read the graphiti from across the miles? can I?

M (tread softly upon) said... and thanks!

Inkblot said...

Hang in there-you'll make it.Damn those star bloggers!


So not nice...the fact that JAP and I didnt make the list. But congrats to you Priya.

--Anguished [sarcasm]celeb[/sarcasm] blogger

M (tread softly upon) said...

what's up? long time no posts. Thought you said you needed to do some writing to get in tune? Celeb status getting to you!