Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beans Gone Berserk

Kannada legendary actor Raj Kumar died of cardiac arrest at the ripe old age of 77. A peaceful death to say the least. Can anyone please explain why it prompted the otherwise docile, laid back Kannadigas to burn/damage buses, cars and tyres, block roads, close down shops, petrol pumps and unleash terror in general to pay homage to the icon?

I'm still trying to figure it out as I have a train to catch in a few hours.


Urmea said...

Hmmm ar tui Kolkata ke galagali dish!


What a weird expression of Bangaluru pride

Psyche said...

I think becoz

1) Some of those who went on the rampage were planted.

2) Mob psychology which prompts someone to believe he (mostly he) is powerful and brings out all his hiden frustration and anger. Heard somewhere that, in a crowd, the lowest common denominator rules.

3) Very few of them were Bangaloreans. Reasoning being: Wednesday was more peaceful. Thursday, with 10,000 ppl pouring in from outside wasnt.

Akash said...

Believe me, I've been also unsuccessfully searching for the reason the whole weekend, turning the entire Web topsy-turvy. I am a bit surprised how come that same Bangalore masses, who showed exemplary restraint at the dismissal of Anil Kumble from the One-day cricket team unlike our great Bongs in Calcutta and elsewhere, went so crazy over something that appears so very normal at least on the surface.

KS said...

cos they have(had?) nobody else who can pass muster in the face of competition and this guy, bless him, was the closest they had to a global figure(nobodys talks about cricketers ok :) )
And people say Bongs are like this.
Atleast Bangalis are wayyyyy better in every sense of the word.