Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My love, my life

G's in the why phase of life now. There has to be a reason for existence - everything living and non-living, consumable or otherwise. Sample this:

"Mamma, where are you going?" in the sweetest possible tone.
"Office," most disgustedly.
"Why are you going to office?" (a look of genuine concern)
"So I can buy you a jigsaw puzzle" (She's obsessed with them and does them with amazing alacrity)

Ever seen a child questioning her own happiness? Weirdo!

“So, you don’t want a puzzle?”
"Nooo. Don't go to office, pleease." (Just shatters my heart into a zillion pieces)


The usual lunch time call.
"Hi Mamma. What are you doing? Sitting in office?"

Unfortunately, I haven't a very vivid imagination, nor am I literate enough to satisfy her insatiable hunger to know. So, I just mutter to myself:

Our's is not to question why,
Our's is but to do and die.

Poor child, what does she know of the bliss of ignorance.

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Urmea said...

Lovely post :)