Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Urmea tagged me long ago but it's only now that I have managed to really come up with what I want. Here's to my perfect partner:

  1. Must have a sense of humour that can match none living or dead.
  2. Must have a passion for the wild - whether it be in seeking out the Royal Bengal Tigers from anywhere in the Sundarbans or going on an African Safari; to just letting the basic instincts loose
  3. Must be able to rattle of PSR&T, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Eliot, Plath, Browning, Ogden Nash, Henry James, Conrad all in the same breath
  4. Must find innovative ways to titillate me mentally and physically since I get bored very easily.
  5. Must accept and endure me as I am: with all my whims, fancies, tantrums, vices and shortcomings (after all, he’s the one who has to be perfect, not me!) And if he assumes he can get on board first and then try to work around any one of my imperfections…better not get aboard, dude.
  6. Must respect and understand the ample need for space. Should abide by my philosophy of Live and let live. I’ll be more than glad if he goes out on his Boyz nites out and leaves me to my girlie ones…they r anyways so much better.
  7. Must have a passion for the performing arts…theatre, movies, dance, the works… and if classical dancing isn’t exactly his cuppa, he wasn’t eyeing the right woman, anyways!
  8. Must be decent, presentable, dapper, suave, bright, loving, caring(read pampering) and extremely understanding.

Now if any 1 person even remotely fits this bill, you are either lying or a dreamer. Besides, if the opposite sex was really perfect, we wouldn’t have been the wo(e)ful other half.

PS: JAP, Bonatellis your turn next.


Bonatellis said...

honoured, ma'am ... but i've just done it ... i think i will wait a few days more till i get into the mood for mulltiple "perfect partners" :)

Priya said...

Ooops..sorry..missed it..."mul(l)tiple" indeed Dada! Jiyoh bangali!!!rotfl.

Elusive Web Cat said...

nice wish list, what do you bring to the table ?

Sue said...

Reading your list got me thinking, you might enjoy this list I put up last week. Check it out if interested.

Akash said...

Here is the CV of someone you must be looking for ages. Congrats and good luck!!.

"1. I am a founding member of the Poetry Society of America. I enjoy contemporary poets such as Edgar Allan Poe, John Milton, Emily Dickinson, and William Wordsworth. I am presently trying to decipher some recently-discovered Chaldean poetry which dates back to 500 B.C.

2. My life has been profoundly influenced by the works of many great philosophers including Nietzche, Aquinas, Kierkegaard, Rousseau, Kant, Descartes, Wittgenstein, Spinoza, Sartre, Heidegger, Locke, Foucalt, Hume, Hobbes, and Epictetus.

3. I enjoy fine cultural events such as operas, ballets, and symphonies. I strongly urge you to consider supporting the Canadian Opera Company and help sustain their tradition of operatic excellence, as well as their educational initiatives.

4. I have a passion for reading and literature. Unfortunately, the list of my favourite authors, whose works I regularly consume, is much too long to include on this page!

5. I have a knack for picking up languages. I speak English, French, German, Portugese, Arabic and Urdu fluently, and can also carry on intelligent conversations in Italian, Cantonese, Serbo-Croatian, and Swahili.

6. Ever since I captained my University debating team, I have enjoyed engaging in vigorous and open debates.

7. I enjoy all water sports and activities especially jet skiing, sailing, and scuba diving (snorkeling is for wimps). My ultimate dream is to swim across Lake Ontario.

8. I despise being a spectator in sporting events and cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could ever derive pleasure from watching sports on TV. I much prefer being an active participator than a passive spectator. I especially enjoy participating in competitive and physically demanding sports such as ice hockey, full-contact (American) football, and boxing.

9. Long-distance running - I have successfully completed the Boston and New York marathons.

10. For some unknown reasons I always end up attracting beautiful, intelligent, and sexy women. I once came close to dating Julia Roberts.

11. In my opinion, cooking is a primary medium of artistic expression and one of the ultimate forms of human achievement. I usually spend Saturday afternoons creating an original meal (really a piece of art) to be later shared with one of the aforementioned beautiful women. You can view some of my recent culinary creations here. (Yes, I am also an accomplished photographer.)

12. Dreaming up lists of imaginary hobbies so that I can pretend to be a well-rounded, well-balanced, and sane person."

Want to know the sad truth. Part II of the CV is here.

KS said...

Interesting *contemplates*


Priya said...

First, EWC, Sue, Akash, KS -- thanks for dropping by with your ingenuous comments.
EWC: Didn't mention the table anywhere. It's already reserved.
Sue: Awesome list you have there. Personally, 5 years or courtship and 6 years of marriage sure makes that list of yours very goddamned true.
Akash:Only a Bongo shontan's CV could be so!
KS: :) the operative word indeed.

Urmea said...

Notun post chai!! [batting eyelashes hopefully] [Digression: Thought about "batting hopeful eyelashes" at first but umm better sense prevailed]

Priya said...

Likhbo na :-| What's this new obsession with digression? Hmmppftt

Bonatellis said...

i like elusive web cat's comment ... i've read a lot about what people from from others ...

but why no one writes about what THEY bring to the table ;-)

Priya said...

Bonatellis:In this case, I mean we women, bring ourselves in various shapes, sizes, with myriad idiosyncracies, whims, fancies and tantrums. Don't you guys have enough problems just handling that? Your dil maange more(all puns intended)?;-)