Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bag It!

Shoes and bags are things I could live and die for more than food and clothes, really. But sadly, I'm in a profession that doesn't allow me the luxury of splurging on designer shoes or bags. So I satiate my desires windowshopping. But hail the internet! The innumerabel options that it has a knack of throwing up. And how thoughtfully so.
Now I don't need to just drool and ogle at those designer bags. Look what I found!
I'm looking fr something similar for shoes too. Watch out for this space!


KS said...

Hmmm Window shopping is it?
Designer wear - maaan...

Sniff sniff



eve's lungs said...

like the white and brown bag ..

Möbius said...

I can't believe this kind of a thing exists. Phew!!