Thursday, August 03, 2006

Coming of Age

I have certainly come of age. Bone degeneration has set in, so says my Ortho, who's been treating me for an excruciating back and neck pain for the last few weeks and my physiotherapist makes it a point to psyche me out every morning with the possible fatalities if I don't follow the doc's advice, while she's giving me the rubs ( I admit the men make far better physios, though I had the pleasure of his rub just for a day:P).

But it's my evil little G who makes me feel really out of place these days. She educates me about the ways certain things are done, such as folding and keeping her clothes and things in order, switching on the TV and the accessories to put in a Chip & Dale CD for her exclusive viewing pleasure, and follows it up with a sweet reprimand "Tumi jaano na?"(Don't you know?). She wants to help me in my chores, prolly because she senses the effort that I need to put in even to beat an egg. "I want to help you do the 'gulgul', Mamma". The resultant mess of course is none of her business to clear up. But she wants to be carried and shown how the omelette turns out. I love the proactiveness, especially since the other half avoids the kitchen like the AIDS.

She's also my in house fashionista. Not only does she know what matches with what, right from her undies to the clothes to her shoes, she also makes sure both N & I match up to her style before we leave the house! The other day I wore one of my weird mix adn match ensembles to work (a magenta short kurti with just a simple turquoise blue floral embroidery along the V neck and turquoise blue block printed churidaar with a turquoise printed chiffon dupatta), which she didn't see as she was away at school. But when she went to pick me up from work, which is part of her daily evening routine, her first exclamation on seeing me: " Eta ki porecho? (What are you wearing?) Eta ki match kore? (taking the dupatta inher hand and pointing to my kurti) Of course, I thought it did and told her so quite nonchalantly but was promptly glared back at and told "Na. Tumi kichhu jano na." ( You know nothing) Indeed! If only I knew what is to follow. Like a wet cat I mewed and accepted my ignorance about all things fashionable. Did you even know how to wear your undies when you were three years old?

The icing on the cake came last night. N came in really late and after the initial excitement, both father and daughter plonked themselves on the bed, exhausted. N, as is his wont, started irritating her by calling her sundry silly names. Unperturbed, the toddling young lady shot back at him with "Hey Sexy"! and shut him up for good. I hope N won't ever try eve-teasing again, at least not three-year olds!

As for me, I age humbly.


Lalita Mukherjea said...

Children know everything, and what they don't know they can ad lib.

All Moms are by definition dumb to their children. This I have known ever since my own child, at the age three, (yes) informed that I don't know anything.

But it's amazing how the ignorant dumb useless Moms are needed day and night to carry out the whims of said children. :D

I hope you recover soon. And do develop a routine of all the prescribed exercises, as soon as you feel able. It will really help.

Priya said...

Of course, the most useful useless Moms that we all have/had and now are!:D
Thanks Mother Hen, will try to take your advice seriously, too:P

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Sorry about the pain in the neck. And G is very very fetching.


M (tread softly upon) said...

Is that G? She is just incredibly cute. Right now my cousin is visiting us with his wife and kids. S is three and a half and L is almost 2. And S is going through the exact same thing that you mention. She HAS to have her panties match her outfit. And also her socks and gets upset when they don't. "eta match korche na" she goes in her cute accented bangla. I love those kids. I'm gonna miss them when they leave next week.
Hope you feel better soon.

Möbius said...
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Möbius said...

Gawd! 3 yr olds want to match their undies!!

You are right - kids know everything these days.
Whenever we friends sit down to chat, my 2 yr old says "Adda!"

The Marauder's Map said...

G is extremely extremely cute and deserves a better picture. I have been advising her mom to take photography lessons :D

jhantu said...

Never ever try and ev=tease a 3-5year range girl, I learnt that lesson from my niece when she decided to giude her remote controlled jet-plane straight into my unsuspecting forehead after a similar cudly name calling session!

Bonatellis said...

kaaj kormo na korle ei shob bone degeneration hoy ;-)

Priya said...

JAP: Thanks.
M: That is indeed G. And thanks, am much better.
Mobius: Glad to have you back.
MM: Point noted.
Jhantu: :P
Bona: Hyan bhai, tai toh;)

endevourme said...

mmm......nice blg yu hv, quite experienced blger ha?
keep posting :-)

M (tread softly upon) said...

Kolkatay moja kora hochhe. Am so envious!