Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I think I'll just cease to exist. Too much I don't know about. And the more I get to know, the more amazed I am.
Mobile phones now have a new kind of cover I'm told. And guess what the covers are known as? Hold your breath ( Yes Lali, do your
pranayama :P)! Condom Covers.
So much info packed into those two words.
Did you know, your cellphone was male, did you? No, I didn't either. But now I do.
I now also know:
Why we women just can't do without one;
Why we are oh sooo emotionally and physically attached to one;
Why more often than not we are so busy fingering, smooching and caressing one;
Why we just can't take our eyes off a goodlooking one;
Why it invariably dies on us just when we have some interesting gossip to pass on;
Why we can never find it, just when we need it;
Why we get so irritated with their ringtones;
Why we get bored of one so easily;
Why we need to change one so often;
Now I know!

Just how much can it really cover up? All that MMS'ing prone to spreading STD, eh?
Iye maane, what next?


Bonatellis said...

why have u got so obsessed lately with "condoms"? i find that word in most of your recent write-ups!!!

Lalita Mukherjea said...


Cellphones as phallic symbols? This is a new one. But the same old, same old.

Sheesh, I live and learn.

Priya said...

Bona: Obsessed? Just sheer coincidence that it has been referred to in two consecutive posts.Just cause u are out of journalism, doesn't mean you'll get your facts wrong dude!:P
Lali: Me too:D

Möbius said...

Über amusing!

M (tread softly upon) said...

Unbelievable :))

The Marauder's Map said...

Great comparisons! But must I be exasperated with my cell phone now, the way I am with my men?

hutumthumo said...

darun! phataphati hoyechhe!