Friday, August 18, 2006

Memoirs of a Lifetime

Calcutta’d been on my mind for the past few weeks. The change that resident Calcuttans have been propagating and visitors have been singing paeans about had to be experienced first hand. But more importantly, I had to meet the people, who still find the city so eminently livable and wouldn’t dream of leaving it for any other bilious coloured pasture. So there I was on an extended weekend.

I’m back now from the most hectic but lovely trip to Calcutta. From the moment I landed, till I was ready to board the flight, again in just 72 hours I think I have lived almost three-fourths of my life with people I’d never met before and would surely have died a deprived woman, if I didn’t make the effort this time round. Oh and must add, I’m very glad certain self-important people stayed away thus saving me a whole lot of impolite and unsocial behaviour.

Sunday evening with Lali and Rimi (and please ignore her comments about my looks, she’s just a myopic child) was by far the longest and the best, on hindsight. The dark chocolate icecream, tempered with some juicy gossip rendered a divine flavour, to put it mildly. In fact, so much so that I didn’t even feel the agony, of holding the most delightful conversation in impeccable English without interspersing sentences with kancha bangla khistis (err..sorry Lali dear, am going to desist explaining that for you;) Mustn’t taar my reputation, after all:P) And honestly, what’s an adda session without lapsing into profanities:P ?

The next evening, which was supposed to be a full fledged blogmeet was almost washed out, but for the locational proximity to the Khiladi No.1 and his accomplished actress. Discussions on Tamil film actresses and common acquaintances were sufficiently spiced up with Potato wedges in sour cream dip, chicken fingers and roast chicken sandwich. Toots was guileless enough to confess ( you little hog, u;)) she could be bought over with food, so I ensured they ate, while I nibbled and listened intently to most interesting nuggets of information, which I have been sworn to secrecy about;) Hence, you die a deprived lot!

There were other non-bloggers and my regular friends who made my stay immensely enjoyable. I was so engrossed in meeting people that I actually forgot to gorge on the rolls and phuchkas, people. Urmi says, she’s prolly going to disown me for “forgetting to eat” if I don’t kill myself before that, that is. However, I didn’t forget to go and collect my little pickle gift from Lali, which I shall savour till my next trip, whenever that maybe. Thanks dear.

As you can see, I really couldn’t care for the makeover or metamorphosis the city has gone through, but there are some people there, I would love to go back to, over and over again.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

72 hours very short.

Try for Pujo.


(Word verif - "bedebup")

Priya said...

But why Pujo? What do you have in mind?

M (tread softly upon) said...

Really eta too much. Not only do you make a trip to Cal then you come back and tell tales to make us more envious. Erokom korle khelbo na bole dilam!

Rimi said...

Hehe, M, bring yourself over. We shall be the charmingest host(esse)s :-)

Priya, shut up about how you look. Women! And I loved the evening too. Like I said, I haven't had this much fun in months. Do try to come back taratari, yes?

Lalita Mukherjea said...

What do you mean Rimi is myopic? Am I myopic too? *glares*

Oh, oh, oh. I wish you'd mentioned puchkas. I never have company to indulge in them, and eating puchkas alone isn't fun.

Yes, Darling by name and nature, I agree, wonderful time and hopefully repeated as soon as pssible. I will consider going to Bangalore just for the pleasure of your loquacity.

Give my love to G, that cherub, her. What a sweetheart.

Lalita Mukherjea said...

Oh, and you could have lapsed into lingo, argot, idiom, profanities or even Bangla in all dialectic varieties.

I have a personal problem about speaking in complete sentences, but I don't bristle at hearing English being interspersed with Bangla phrases.

You really cheered me up, Darling by Name and Nature, you did.

Now lemme go start pickling again. :-)

Bonatellis said...

mostest enviable ......

Priya said...

M: Dahlin', as Rimikins says, next Cal trip'ta bole plan korish, we shall all be there to make it way more fun than this one. Ok? Happy?
Rimikins: Like I said, as long as the pickle lasts;)
Oh nooo, Lali, what a miss that was. Next time, we shall gorge on phuchkas and rolls vonly. No fancy parlours and CCDs, it'll be a rock'er adda;) and between Rimi and me, u'll be sufficiently enlightened:P And yes, please be pickling. Mom's started laying her hands on won't last long:(
Bona: :P. All this meeting just 4 people, if I met more of the regular Cal bloggers, imagine what riot that would've been!

M (tread softly upon) said...

Oh you guys are so sweet. You're forgiven :) Will be there eitehr end of this year or next spring (fingers crossed)