Thursday, July 28, 2005

Caught Bloghanded

Ok, this one's a warning post for all those who blog from office! Guess what just happened? My editor was looking for information for our next cover story on a certain exhibition, I have mentioned in a previous post (I'm deliberately not specifying the name..u'll know y, in the course of this blog). So what does he do? Google of course, u silly! And amongst all the very relevant search results that show up, who should find place but Yours Truly! and more importantly, who should decide to click on something as silly as a title "The Novice" to hunt for some "relevant" matter, but my editor! And who should he decide to share his great discovery with? But of course, his most obedient and all enthu Asst editor (Your's Truly)!
Here's his expression upon striking gold: "Interesting see, there's someone called chattypriya on" My first reaction: aka Sushmita Sen after winning the Miss Universe crown -- jaws fall apart, mind races faster than the speed of light (pleae note, at all other times it's even slower than the tubelight), to come up with some valid reason for using office time, infrastructure et al to publicise what may be confidential just couldn't think of nothin'. He carries on : "She's even from Bangalore! (yeah, right! And sitting just about exactly 3 inches away from you! UGGGGGGH) Very interesting, she written about this exhibition." I/me the stupid, instead of keeping this huge big trap shut and getting back to work, had to play on the 'Bubly' enthu cutlet and spill out: "But that's me!!" (Breaking into an uncontrollable cackle to reinforce imbecility) That's not all. I then russle up enough sanity to ask: "But how did u get there?" Donning his most charming smile, said he: "It's right there on the Google!!" Now you know why I'm not uttering the name again. (I like my privacy, thank you. No I'm not a limelight hogging journo.)
Efficiency thy name is Google! And next time you blog from office, just make sure, there's nothing official about it. (Am again doing it myself tho', but that's ME...don't follow my example in life, please. PS: Urmi just tell them, I'm BAD.)
Oh I forgot, to mention, the only good thing that came out of being honest was that he didn't read that post or any of the others at all!!! Honesty, after all, is THE BEST policy!
PPS: My editor's the most charming, adorable mallu gentleman I've ever come across in Bangalore. And no, this has nothing to do with this particular incident, nor the fact that he may just decide to drop in some other time to read my posts or gimme a hike tomorrow instead of 6 months later. He's quite a rare breed of journalist really.


Kausum said...

Just an advice .. on ur blog settings there is an option which does not make ur blog publicly searchable. Enable that option .. so searching is so much difficult.

My 2 cents

-- A regular visitor

Priya said...

hey thanks a ton...will do so.

Urmea said...

Priya - you are not BAD, you are just, uh bad :-P

Priya said...

Thanks Umm..always knew I could bank on you ;). Let me know how the view is from top of the world!