Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My secure corner

I haven't heard from the voice, surprisingly. Or haven't I paid attention? May be I've just engrossed myself too much into the intricacies of the "securities" industry. Should I call this ironical, a quirk of fate/destiny? Haven't a clue, honestly. What the hell am I -- a most ordinary woman, more prone to talking about Husband, Daughter, and what-do-I cook-for-dinner(Long live Gati), and more rarely on Dead Poets' Society, Elliot (God bless J.A.P), Plath, Umberto Eco, A monk who sold his Ferrari, philosophy, what's right and what isn't, a few pegs of vodka with lime or even a Martini, and never on economies of scale or otherwise, statistics, vital or others, numerology, custody (legal or global) -- doing in the Securities world?
Especialy, someone who has nothing worth its name for an asset, much less liquid cash and wasn't even earning enough to be a taxpayer!!(Thank God, oops sorry, Fouth Estate, for small mercies!) So, is my future secure? Should I ask my husband? Who knows? Who cares? Especially for the future...didn't I say I was living for the day? The present?
Just read, the securities industry is undergoing a transformation...(incidentally, it's also the theme for Sibos 2005) and the industry bigwigs are gonna thrash out the pros and cons of it at the mecca of all financial conferences, Sibos (Some investment brains over stressed!!).
May be, a transformation is what I need, too. Or is it a metamorphosis altogether? What was that somebody said? Change is the only constant...tomorrow, after all, is yet another day. I live on...for the moment, at least.

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Urmea said...

Welcome back... Did you know that I am moving to the bay area - near Berkeley actually. Still with the same firm, kinda like a transfer. :) Will reply to your email later...