Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dubious soul

My self has been gestating in the incubator. Gymming to get some power into that frozen anatomy, drinking caffeine and Boost ( the recent secret of my energy!!) to pump up the energy, hatching wild plans, plotting strategies to dupe me,N, and the world according to "me". The brain's stressed out already and I've been feeling self is slowly overpowering me. A blurry vision whizzes past,leaving a blazing trail of smoke...smoke from a joint? from the dying embers of a long thrown away cigarette? From wasted life and times of 'me'?
How long before my self can break free from the incubator to be the avante-garde? To be what she wants to be, to fear none and to tear all? How long before I just stop fakin' it?

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